The Legions is an organization of students that is said not to have a specific reason. It

Swastika Symbol

New Legions Symbol

has three co-founders who are Amari Callahan, Cameron Southerland, Jaylon Eadie. It was originally run by a Legions High

 Council, but now has no ranks due to arguments.


The Legions was founded in early 2009 as a way to solve certain problems in the school where it was founded. Over time the Legions has had three sets of ranks until 2010 when it was decided that t

he Legions did not need ranks due to constant arguments over who's rank was 

higher which would

lead to the exilation of ma

ny people and also lead to people quiting.

Cancling and RecreationEdit

In June 2009 the Legions were temporarily cancelled due to problems with staying in contact. Two months later the Legions were recreated with new ranks, rules, members and many other things. Soon after it was re

created, a new leader was put into office, his name was Cameron Southerland, who was also one of the three co-founders of the legions. He was put into the leader position by former leader Amari Callahan who was also one of the three co-founders of the legions.

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