The Chairman rank is a Legions rank that is given only to members of the High Council.

The 6 Chairman ranksEdit

There are six Chairman ranks, the highest of the Chairman ranks is the Supreme Chairman rank.

  • Supreme Chairman
  • Chairman1st class
  • Chairman 2nd class
  • Chairman 3rd class
  • Chairman 4th class
  • Chairman 5th class

Supreme ChairmanEdit

The Supreme Chairman is a rank given to the supreme leader of the Legions. The Supreme Chairman has the authority to do anything he wants with the Legions as long as he follows the rules of the Legions, if he doesn't follow the rules he will be taken
6 Star
from his position. The Supreme Chairman will be given to chances of breaking the rules, if both chances are used up then he will be taken out of his position and if he's lucky, he will be demoted to a lower Chairman rank. A Supreme Chairman can be in his position for four years until there will be an election for a new leader. In order to become the leader of the Legions, the canidate must be brave, smart, strong, skilled, fair, unbiased, although the leader may be a little biased, and the leader must have strong leadership qualities. The Supreme Chairman must also follow the rules to the letter.

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