Captain insignia
Captain is a

Legions rank given to squad leaders.

Duties of a CaptainEdit

The Duties of a Captain are to lead a squad of Legions members. Besides the Chairman rank, Captain is considered one of the most important ranks in the Legions. Members who receive this rank upon joining are said to be intelligent, skilled members who have strong leadership qualities.

Supreme CaptainEdit

Supreme Captain is a special squad leader rank given the most honorable Captain in the Legions. Who ever has the rank of Supreme Captain is automatically the leader of Squad Zero, which is a Legions special forces squad. The only member of the Legions that has the authority to promote a Captain to the rank of Supreme Captain is the Supreme Chairman. The rank of Supreme Captain is not only a special rank, it is also a permanent rank, meaning that the only way to lose this rank is to be exiled from the Legions. The Supreme Captain is viewed as the chief enforcer of the Supreme Chairman and if every single chairman in the Legions is not present, then the Supreme Captain will have temporarily have leadership. The Supreme Captain rank is equal to the rank of Chairman 4th class. The last person to have the Supreme Captain rank was Jaylon Eadie.

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